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The Chuck Pedals Diver is our take on the classic Green Russian Big Muff Pi "Bubble Font" circuit. A few modifications were made to make it more suitable for our needs.
First we changed the transistors for a mid-gain type. This allows the Diver to cut through the mix and not get lost in the harsh fizz most mid-high gain fuzzes/distortions are known for.
Sometimes the mids can be a bit honky on the original so we added a dedicated Mid scoop control. This control is fully interactive with the Tone knob and allows you to dial in just enough treble or bass without losing those critical mid frequencies that allow the guitar to cut through the band/mix.
Also featured are three different "Creature Modes". These are displayed as a crab, jellyfish, and sea urchin.

Video Demos:

True bypass circuitry
Accepts standard 9vdc center negative power supply with no battery support.
High quality audio grade components
Bright white LED
Assembled by hand in USA.

As always, when you purchase any Chuck Pedals you will receive a sticker, guitar picks, buttons, or PCB key chain.